The guys at Precision do an excellent job on all aspects of my yard. They have repaired my fountain, added new outdoor lighting, replaced trees, etc in addition to the landscape maintenance. He is always very responsive to any questions and I have recommended Precision to many friends.
Cathy M
We have used a number of different landscape companies in the past and they all start out great but as time goes passes, the quality of their work decreases and so does the customer service. We have not experienced this with Precision Landscape Management - they have always been very attentive to our needs and addressed our concerns in a timely manner. Our turf, mulch, and shrubs have never looked better with the care we receive from Precision. Whenever our friends and neighbors comment on how great our yard looks we always say call the professionals at Precision Landscape Management.
Michael A Burgess
We’ve only been using Precision Landscape now for a little over 6 months, but it has been a great experience - from their ideas to expertise to implementation. The team who does the landscape maintenance is great. They are very professional and detailed in all that they do. It’s been a real treat to be a client of Precision Landscape, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!
Renee D.
We have been customers of Precision Landscape for over 5 years. We have seen our lawn and landscape go from mediocre to exceptionally beautiful because of the care and hard work of Precision. Nate and his crews take pride in the work they do, and they want us, the customer, to be satisfied. They are quick to respond to any request, questions, or suggestions you might have. We constantly have neighbors compliment how beautiful our lawn looks, and all we can say is "thank you", but you need to call Precision!
Deborah McClure
I cannot say enough good things about Precision Landscape Management. They do an excellent job on our lawn. If I ever have to call Nate about anything he either answers his phone or calls back in less than an hour. The guys who do the work are always friendly and will stop to answer questions as well. Not only do they do a great job, but they are community oriented as well. We had a family crisis and when Nate found out, he helped us with that too! I highly recommend Precision Landscape Management
Kim Franzen
We contacted Precision after a referral from a friend in late Spring 2015. Our new home's grass was beyond repair and we wanted a different species as well as some basic landscaping. When we initially met with Precision, we told them what we wanted to get rid of, which was a considerable amount, but that we didn't know what we would like to replace it with as neither of us has much landscaping knowledge. They had great ideas on the spot and described a possible plan in such a way we could actually envision what our yard could look like. Since that meeting, we have had our grass replaced with an entirely new species, an irrigation system installed, and a major landscape overhaul. Additionally, we have added weekly landscape maintenance. There are several things I especially like about Precision: 1) their attitude- throughout all of our work, we have had a lot of Precision employees at our house and they are all very friendly and extremely hardworking. They are quick to communicate and address any issues. 2) the quality of their work - we say over and over again that we have a new house because their work in the yard makes the actual house look better. 3) pricing is fair - we never planned on having weekly lawn care but it is affordable and worth the cost. Even our grass removal, irrigation system, and turf installation was less than we expected.

One aspect I especially admire with Precision is their creativity in tailoring the landscaping to your home. We live in an historic neighborhood in downtown Greenville. Precision suggested removing the invasive species and replacing it with local plants. Additionally, our home's exterior is fairly formal so the plants they suggested also have a traditional formal appearance, cohesive with the house itself. Neighbors have stopped over to tell us how inviting the house is now.

While we have had some large projects, Precision has never pressured us into spending more than what we can and phases the projects to spread out costs. We are already planning on some upcoming projects with them including a new pathway and exterior lighting. Honestly, we couldn't be happier with Precision.
Julie Gulden