Nate Moses

President |

Nate Moses founded Precision back in 2008 with the heart to do work that Precision could be proud of, but more importantly that our customers would be proud of. His passion for all things turf is only out-shined by his love for providing an environment that equips and trains men to be leaders and craftsmen.

DJ McCleary

Director of Business Development |

DJ’s intense attention to detail and his kind demeanor aid his ability to help our Landscape Management team deliver excellent work and allows our clients the freedom to approach DJ with any question or concern. Precision wouldn’t be able to deliver the quality we do each day without DJ’s leadership.


Ben Claes

Landscape Construction Manager |

Ben has an extensive history working in construction and landscaping and even started his own landscaping company delivering high-end landscape maintenance to clients in the Cliffs Communities. In summer of 2017, Ben joined with Precision so that he could continue to deliver great results and work alongside others with a like-minded goal and vision. He oversees all aspects of each installation and enjoys making genuine connections with each client so that he can bring unique designs, perspectives, and solutions to every project he touches.

Stephen Moses

Turf and Shrub Care Manager |

Even though Stephen Moses is newly married, he is the lone ranger of the bunch. You can see him around town manning our application truck. With Stephen’s love for science and desire to create the healthiest turf and shrubs on the block, we rest assured there is no better man to be manage our turf and shrub care. 

Philip Moses

Landscape Maintenance Operations Manager |

Keeping track of the details and managing the operations for all of our maintenance clients takes dedication and focus. Philip’s heart for the industry is only surpassed by his technical knowledge and ability to manage all aspects of the weekly schedule.